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DongGuan ChengKang Mold Plastic Co.,Ltd. is located in Yifang Industrial Zone, Jinxia, Chang'an Town. The company was established in June 1998. After years of hard work by all colleagues, the company has 5 employees and 100,000 fixed assets since the beginning of its business. Yuan has nearly 120 employees and more than 20 million yuan in fixed assets. The business scope focuses on the development, production and sales of household products. Based on the business philosophy of "people-oriented, honest management, courage to innovate, and continuous surpassing", we have won unanimous recognition and praise from new and old customers, and at the same time promote the company's continuous progress, continuous development and growth.

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ChengKang will continue to strengthen our engineering and technical capabilities and develop in a more diligent, responsible and professional direction. We look forward to providing more valuable services to all our customers.

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What are the methods to improve mold life and mold grinding?
What are the methods to improve mold life and mold grinding?
The regular polishing of the mold ensures consistent stamping quality. Regular grinding of the mold can not only increase the service life of the mold, but also increase the service life of the machine tool.

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We have been providing customers with reliable quality molds and injection products. Most of our molds and products are exported to Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and other regions.